History and Background

We have provided consulting to small business owners for over 14 years on the best ways to systemize, plan, market and develop their business. Certification can be a valuable tool to open the door to contracting with the government (federal, state and local) and large corporations. For small business owners who are veterans, service disabled veterans, minority, female and/or otherwise disadvantaged, there are a variety of certification programs to consider. For other small business owners that do not qualify for these special socio-economic certification programs, there are options to learn more about functional teaming arrangements that expand your opportunities. We believe strongly that teaming is an important key to open the door to contracting with the government (federal, state and local) and large corporations. Teaming allows small companies the ability to combine forces and increase their capability to perform on larger contracts.

 In addition, we know that without proper systems, procedures, planning and implementation, a person owns a job not a business. Therefore, we are partners with other professionals to provide our clients with a complete solution to achieve big business results by uniting small business strengths.

Kaye Mitchell, the founder of CTS, is experienced in both the public and private sector with over 30 years of experience in Business Administration and Management. At least 20 of those years, she has spent as a successful small business owner.  She consults with small business owners on managing growth, business development, and strategic/business/market planning. In addition, she engages in public policy advocacy training and assistance in regulatory change.

Aside from being an advocate of the small business community, she has volunteered as a counselor with the SBA and developed/taught a variety of workshops over the past 16 years. Kaye is an experienced speaker both locally and nationally, addressing a number of topics including marketing to the government, developing strategic alliances, socio economic certification and various public policy issues related to small business owners. In addition, she has authored articles published in local publications regarding developing strategic alliances. Kaye currently holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and a Masters degree in Management.

What We Provide

Certify to Success (CTS) is a small, women owned consulting firm that provides strategies to open networks for the future expansion of small businesses. We do not just explain the “how to”, we actually help you to complete each required action. To accomplish this we offer:

        Assistance to business owners on what certification programs are available and which of these program(s) would benefit their business and goals.

        Assistance through the application process for a variety of certifications including 8(a) and DBE.

        Creative ways to help small and minority owned business owners in expanding their marketing and development

o       Develop a strong capability statement

o       Key steps to focus your marketing strategy

o       Assistance in organizing and developing of strategic alliances (teaming and joint ventures)

        Help business owners with strategic planning and implementation to improve and maintain their competitive advantage

        Assistance for small and minority businesses in improving day-to-day business operations in preparation for growth

        Assistance to small and minority businesses in developing systems for quality assurance and control to improve chances for future contracts

        Public And Private Training Including But Not Limited To:

o       Marketing

o       Planning And Organization

o       8(A) And DBE Certification Applications

o       Succession Planning And Exit Strategies

o       Public Policy

Where We Operate

Our home office is located in Colorado. However, we have the capability of working with business owners throughout the United States

When Should You Call Us


Every day hundreds of individuals start a business for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, the majority will not survive past the first few years because they are working without direction. Focus, planning and implementation are critical for success in every business. In addition, certification is a critical component for women, minority or otherwise disadvantaged businesses if they want to procure government contracts.

Why Certify to Success

We understand that contracting can be frustrating and is often seen as overwhelming or impossible to small business owners. CTS helps small business owners operate their companies creatively and effectively.

Our mission is:

To be a trusted partner for small business owners who are looking for strategies that will open networks for future opportunities allowing growth and expansion. Trust between CTS and their customers is imperative so that clients feel comfortable sharing intimate details of their operation in order to broaden the knowledge necessary to cultivate innovative solutions. We understand that every small business is unique and CTS values the achievements of their customers as their own. As our network expands, it will benefit all members of the CTS family.

"8(a) Certification was awarded in thirty days. I attribute the thoroughness of Certify to Success directly to this speedy award, commitment and follow-through are unsurpassed. Certify to Success has proven to be a definite asset to the development of QuickScripts Plus, Inc." Euradell McRae, QuickSpripts Plus, Inc.

"Certify to Success...was selected because of...familiarity with the 8(a) application process and...knowledge of the small business community in the Pikes Peak Region and state of Colorado...my application was stronger as a result." Sherry Walker, Peak Electric, LLC

"Ms. Mitchell continues to be our rock in the storm ...She continues to demonstrate unyielding professionalism, initiative and sound judgment under extremely complex and often sensitive issues on our behalf." Vern Abila, ASI, Inc.